"Best I have ever seen"  - By DWODELL
I originally got this product through a company called Genesis Pure. Liked it very much, seems to work as advertised. This is more cost effective than the version sold by Genesis Pure, but seems to be the same product.

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Genesis Pure is Absolutely

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About Genesis Pure

Discover Genesis PURE

Welcome to Genesis PURE™! Our name says it all. Create a new beginning by embracing the freedom we offer to become a better you and experiencing our PURE products, PURE lifestyle, and PURE legacy.

Genesis PURE products are unmatched in quality, efficacy, and bioavailability. By implementing these powerful products into the simple and powerful system of “Cleanse, Balance, and Build,” lives are changing each and every day. This proven technique allows the products to work together; complementing and supporting each other to maximize their effectiveness and bring you the best results possible.

When you join Genesis PURE as an Independent Business Owner (IBO), you are welcomed into our PURE lifestyle which creates a culture and way of life that truly sets us apart from others in the industry. We have embarked on a journey to pioneer the new standard: Integrity Leverage Marketing (ILM). Our IBOs and the corporate staff are committed to upholding our impeccable reputation and we are incredibly proud of what we are able to accomplish by maintaining the "HI ACT" philosophy. The HI ACT is a pledge taken by both our IBOs and the entire corporate family in which we have committed to:

Be Honest
Show Integrity
Be Accountable
Honor Commitments
Be Trustworthy

We also believe that hard work should be rewarded and celebrated. With regular incentive trips to secluded resorts, tropical islands and each of the Seven Wonders of the World, our IBOs are consistently rewarded for their efforts in sharing Genesis PURE with those around them. Combine the relaxation of these trips with our unique recognition program, PURE Prestige, and our lucrative Rewards Plan, and it’s no surprise that our IBOs are the happiest around.

Our PURE legacy has created a community in which we help and support one another and those less fortunate. As P.U.R.E. (People United Reaching Everyone), we are making a difference in the lives of those in need. We accomplish this by donating a portion of the sales from each of our products to worthy charities. Additional individual contributions as well as employees sacrificing time have allowed the corporate family to regularly feed the homeless in the local community. This example is mirrored across the world as we hear stories of our IBOs making the world a better place.

Whether you are searching for better health, improved financial well-being, or a chance to make a difference, we invite you to join us on our journey.-

             Hi, I am Daun Kassel. I have been selling Genesis Pure for 5 years.

I Love Genesis Pure. -Ben

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Life Balance Help

Fruit & Fiber MIX

Genesis PURE™ Fruit & Fiber Mix is a proprietary blend of a variety of healthy-promoting fruits, berries, herbs, and other plants. Fruit & Fiber Mix contains an enzyme blend and probiotics. Enjoy great-tasting Genesis PURE Fruit and Fiber Mix today!* - Click here.

Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium is a great tasting liquid calcium and mineral supplement. This easy-to-drink supplement complements Daily Build for those who may not be obtaining adequate calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D from their diet alone. It is readily absorbable and easily digested by the body.* -  Click here

"First step" - By Tanner L Dawson

I got this product from my first shipment. I use it for the 1st week and literally lost 5LBs. I went from going once to the bathroom a day, to 2-3 times a day. I feel like I have more energy and it feels like it does cleanse the system. These products seem to be very effective very quickly.